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For Sale: BMW 335i AutoX Car

Welcome everyone,

If you made it this far then chances are that you might be interested in checking out my AutoX car that I have for sale. You might be wondering why is this guy building an entire web site just to sell his car when there are so many platforms out there on which he can post an advertisement. Well, the truth is, none of them give me the ability to present my car the way I want to. Also, I am selling a pretty special car, so I thought I should sell it in a special way.

So what’s so special you ask?! I mean after all BMW made hundreds of thousands of 335i out there, so why is this one special?

This car was built very carefully and meticulously over the course of the past 10 years. The car was built primarily for AutoX and the occasional HDPE event. Therefore this car is setup for grip, consistency and reliability! This meant no overheating issues, no brake fade issues, no overboost issues, no fueling issues, no tuning issues. Overall, this car has seen only about 10 – 12 HDPE events combined over the last 10 years.

Basically, my mantra was to overbuild everything and have a huge margin in reserve, just in case. For an example, the clutch kit is warrantied to handle up to 670 wtq, but the car only produces 420wtq. The intercooler can support 1000hp, but the car only makes 380whp.

Most BMW 335i cars out there on the market are have been heavily modified and heavily abused with cheap mods. Most of the “tuners” out there wanted to see how far they can push the power output with a specific budget. In the end, you see a lot of broken and badly tuned cars which have been abused all the time. In many cases people just did cheap turbo mods, without any regards to other very important parts of the equation like suspension, brakes, safety, tires, traction, etc.

This is perhaps the most well built E9x vehicle I’ve seen in the Midwest

Eric from EFab Motorwerks

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Vehicle Specifications

  • 2008 BMW 335i RWD
  • 66,000 original miles. I am second owner since 2009 and 3,521 miles when I bought it.
  • 6-speed manual transmission
  • All receipts, maintenance records and proof of work are in a folder.
  • VIN available upon request

Engine and Engine Management

  • Original engine with 66,000 miles
  • Oil changes with Group 4 synthethic oils every 5000 miles and OEM oil filter
  • Stock fueling, stock turbos, stock internals. Completely untampered with.
  • Forge diverter valves
  • Evolution Racewerks race dual oil coolers kit - biggest and most effective oil cooling for these engines.
  • AR catless downpipes - best fitting and highest quality downpipes available
  • Autobahn Exotics Performance v1 exhaust - lightest, biggest power gains exhaust with no droning.
  • HPF (HorsePowerFreaks) intercooler - biggest, most efficient, lowest pressure drop intercooler available.
  • Cobb Tuning V3 programmer. You get 12 off the shelf (OTS) maps including E30 map and race gas map.
  • Stage 2+ map gives you about 380whp/420wtq, Race fuel maps get you past 400whp.
  • Cobb Access Tuner Race software that allows you to create custom maps.
  • Custom air intake with AFE Dry filters.
  • This engine has never seen overboost condition, never had piggybacks installed.

Transmission & Drivetrain:

  • OS Giken TCD 100% lock 2-way differential built and assembled by VAC Motorsports.
  • OS Giken 250W differential fluid changed every 20K
  • Spec Stage 3+ Clutch with Spec single-mass steel flywheel. This setup can handle 650wtq.
  • Heavy duty throw-out bearing and clutch pivot fork
  • Delrin differential mounts
  • Delrin transmission mounts
  • Differential lockdown and stiffening kit.
  • Synthetic transmission fluid changed every 20K


  • Stoptech 6-piston kit with red calipers up front
  • Stoptech 4-piston kit with red calipers at the back
  • Pagid RSL-1 endurance front pads
  • Pagid RSL-19 endurance rear pads
  • Stainless steel brake lines all around
  • Motul RBF660 fluid


  • BMW M3 control arms, linkages, bushings - all of them!
  • BMW M3 strut brace
  • TC KLine Dual adjustable coilovers
  • TCKLine camber/caster plates
  • Swift spring bearings
  • H&R E90 M3 Convertible swaybar on the front. This is the stiffest FSB ever made for this platform and balances the car perfectly.

Wheels & Tires:

  • Front: 18x9" ET31 Race Silver APEX EC-7
  • Rear: 18x9.5" ET35 Race Silver APEX EC-7
  • Front will easily fit 265 profile tire without any rubbing and -3.5 degrees camber
  • Rear will easily fit 285 profile tire without any rubbing
  • Yokohama A052 tires front and rear, square setup 265x35x18
  • VAC Motorsports wheel studs and stud nuts


  • Chassis stiffening in the rear is integrated with roll cage.
  • Extensive reprogramming and coding for stability control, traction control and other modules to improve performance and reliability.
  • Roll Cage built and installed by EFAB MotorWerks. Cage is designed to be extended if needed to meet any track or series requirements.
  • Momo steering wheel
  • Momo E9x steering hub adapter with steering wheel sensor compatibilty
  • Cobra XL seats driver and passenger.
  • 4-point Schroth Profi II ASM harnesses - both sides.
  • VAC Motorsports CNC aluminium seat mounts with 30 adjustment points
  • VAC Motorsports CNC aluminium seat brackets with 6 adjustment positions
  • P3 v3 digital gauge. Provides complete CAN bus monitoring and more.
  • VAC Motorsports aluminium floor pans.
  • Completely stripped interior with Climate control working
  • All interior wire harnesses are protected in high temperature 300F resistant thermoplastic tubing.
  • BMW OEM Performance European front bumper cover kit with grills. There are less than 10 imported in USA. This is one of those. This is a very rare and sought after item. This bumper is designed to work with dual oil coolers and this is the reason why I bought it new and had it imported from Germany.
  • M3 replica carbon fiber rear spoiler
  • Carbon fiber moon roof panel.
  • Dual OEM tow hooks front and rear.
  • 3M - Carbon fiber windshield visor decal.
I am including the following supporting items and tools that make this a complete turn-key solution for any track enthusiast:
  • Laptop with various BMW software tools
    • Coding tools
    • Programming tools
    • Diagnostic tools
    • Factory firmware backups
  • Cobb Tuning v3 hand held programmer with 12 OTS maps
  • BMW OEM Style 162 wheels and all season tires
  • 4 H&R wheel spacers - allow you to mount OEM wheels over Stoptech big brake kits
  • BMW injector tool - allows you to replace injector PTFE seals instead of replacing the whole injector
  • Various chemicals, lubricants  and consumables that are specific to this vehicle.